Power Generation

There are approximately 290,000 generator sets in North America rated above 300 kw. These generator sets are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications to meet both prime and standby power generation needs. Prime power applications are typically reserved for remote, off-grid applications such as mines or data centers where grid access is unavailable. Emergency generator sets are commonly found in hospitals and a wide array of commercial and industrial applications where power redundancy is required.

why convert

Stationary engines are subject to equally strict EPA Tier 4 regulations as their on road counterparts, and the fuel costs for running diesel engines for base load power can be high. Converting diesel gen sets to natural gas results in both cost savings and emissions reduction, but also provides the end user with added operational flexibility. Running a back up generator using affordable natural gas could help offset energy costs through peak shaving, for example. Ultimately the ZHRO conversion kit allows existing generator sets to run cleaner and cheaper, providing the end user with compelling new options for how and when to run them.

WATCH HERE to learn more about the ZHRO technology and the conversion opportunity for power generation sets.

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