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11 Mar 2016
2016 - Obama's EPA To Act "Immediately" On New O&G Methane Emissions Rules

The US Environmental Protection Agency will "immediately" take the first formal step to limit methane emissions from existing O&G wells, the White House announced Thursday morning.

The move follows the Obama administration's rule proposed last year for emissions reductions from new O&G wells, and a rule

22 Jul 2015
2015 - EPA May Strengthen Clean Power Plan

The first federal rule to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants may be made even more ambitious, a key backer says.

A sweeping federal rule that would curtail carbon emissions from power plants will likely be made even more stringent when it is finalized later this summer, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, widely regarded as a close ally of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The rule, known as the Clean Power Plan, was unveiled by the EPA in June 2014. The subjec...

21 Apr 2015
2015 - The EPA Defends the Clean Power Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency has rolled out an ambitious Clean Power Plan to get states to cut their carbon emissions. And it has run up against a chorus of critics charging the agency with vast overreach.

To get an inside look at the fight, Wall Street Journal Editor in Chief Gerard Baker spoke with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. Here are edited excerpts of their conversation.

Not an overreach

MR. BAKER: Your Clean Power Plan is the topic on everyb...

21 Apr 2015
2015 - Oil Price Volatility Makes Case For NGVs

With the price of oil being highly unpredictable it only makes sense for commercial and government fleets to choose natural gas-powered vehicles, according to NGVAmerica President Matt Godlewski.

NGVAmerica released a whitepaper outlining some of the historical facts and long-term perspectives on oil prices, gasoline, diesel, and natural gas fuels.

History shows that the recent decline in world crude oil prices and related gasoline and diesel prices won’t last and will increase as soon as the world economy reb...

16 Apr 2015
2015 - Ryder is taking tops all - CNG

Freightliner Cascadias with Quantum Fuel Systems for Next Year and a New CNG Station by American Natural Gas to Support Them

New York State’s Tops Friendly Markets is converting its entire fleet to compressed natural gas, Ryder System reported Tuesday, noting that the grocery retailer has signed a full service lease agreement for 55 CNG tractors to be delivered in mid-2015.

Williamsville, N.Y.-based Tops could halve its fuel costs, Ryder says, “through a reduction of 1,200,000 gallons of diesel fue...

04 Sep 2013
2013 - Will Truckers Ditch Diesel?

Rising diesel costs last year forced Waste ManagementInc. WM 0.64% to charge customers an extra $169 million, just to keep its garbage trucks fueled. This year, the nation's biggest trash hauler has a new defensive strategy: it is buying trucks that will run on cheaper natural gas.

In fact, the company says 80% o...

04 May 2013
2013 - Clean Energy Unveils Network Plan for Natural Gas Highway

SEAL BEACH, Calif. — Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has unveiled the route plan for the first phase of its 150 new LNG fueling stations for America’s Natural Gas Highway. The company has identified 98 locations and anticipates having 70 stations open by the end of 2012 in 33 states.

Many of the fueling stations will be co-located at Pilot-Flying J Travel Centers already serving goods movement trucking through an exclusive agreement with Pilot to build, own and operate natural gas fueling facilities at agreed-upon travel center...